Isla Vista Beach Resort is located in Candelaria, Zambales, Philippines.

It is a place where the sea, the mountains, and the provincial life are one. five (5) hours (249 kilometers) from Manila or 2 and a half hours from

Subic Bay.

We have a 130 meters wide beach front with a naturalistic rustic ambiance. hear the melody of the chirping birds with the hum of the beach. Experience the soft tropical hideaway on a silver beach with gray fine sand and crystal clear water that slopes gradually.

Facilities are nestled in a lush garden of more than 200 coconut trees,

fruit trees and orchids. best for weekend vacation, company outings, overnight for 120 persons. Reception for weddings, reunions, parties for 500 pax.

Isla Vista means “VIEW OF THE ISLAND”. We enjoy not only the view of the beach with its magnificent sunset but also the white sands of Potipot Island, a 3-minute boat ride away.



Isla Vista Beach Resort

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